Am I a Robot?

Am I a robot?

This is the mind blowing question that writer, Alex Reid, seems to be posing. As the writer, truthfully suggests, we’ve always heard or discussed whether or not robots will become human; however, is the opposite true?

The Truth Is…

Prior to this article, I have never thought of it this way and I agree with the author about “not worrying about humans becoming robots“, but it is for much different reasons. For me what it means to be human, which is the ability to feel, to breathe, and to interact with one another in communion with those feelings, could never be replicated through any robot. Human beings are complex creatures, we are both emotional and logic, still we deviate from other creatures in that we discern things differently because we are instinctively different. [This is just my opinion.]

Also, humans, no matter how much we use complex logarithms and technology to  calculate them, they will always remain unpredictable. In statistics, I learned that we will never go beyond 99% confidence intervals when testing for accuracy because nothing in life is 100%. In relation to the article, no matter how much we try to summarize their behaviors, they will always have that 1% randomness.  As Reid states, in the example, the simple fact that we as humans desire predictability and we question being to predictable s evidence of our humanness and ability to deliberate.

If I can be honest I  have never been concerned about robots ruling the world;however, as an economics major, recently, the future of technology has been a reoccurring topic, given the nature of the job market.My primary concern is that robots will exist with limitations , such that  the job market will not begin to severely deteriorate. Robots cannot do all jobs, especially when it comes to human services. And no, a robot can never replace me.


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